The Writer's Toolbox

girlpencil copyFirst impressions are extremely important.  We are "known" by our fruits; one's writing is a "type" of fruit.  Many times our first introduction to someone and impression of someone is through written communication, whether it’s a letter of request, scholarship essay, college application essay, SAT / ACT essay or just a note to relatives. Writing is personal; it reveals our personality, character, values and command of the English Language.  The ability to communicate an interesting piece with clarity, cohesiveness and an inviting style is essential as students’ progress through middle school and high school, into college or the workforce, and on to their careers.

Homeschool parents rank writing among one of the most challenging subjects to teach at home.  All other subjects have answer keys in the back of the book where parents can check right or wrong answers, but many times writing exercise answers are not as clearly defined.

Being a lover of words and writing, knowing the importance of not only being able to write well, but to think and read critically with precise explicitness, ignited the birth of the writing, literature and research & study skills classes.  Adrienne Ferrante approached me about teaching a writing class to a group of students when I first arrived in Charlotte in 2002) after she discovered my background of having homeschooled for 9 years (at the time), having taught in and co-lead a 50 family homeschool co-op in Maryland for 9 years, and having been the editor of Christian Home Educators Network Newsletter for 7 years.  Since this is "my love" (beside God, my husband, and family of course), I sprang into action, teaching many of those first students through five consecutive classes; Introduction to Writing (WriteShop I), Intermediate Writing (WriteShop II), Research and Study Skills, Introduction to Composition and Literature, and Advance Composition and Literature.

As a "retired" home educator now (our daughter, a Nurse Practitioner and her husband live in Greenville, NC and our son along with his wife and two grandsons have been in the United States Air Force for over 8 years), it is my desire to assist parents and help prepare students for success in their written communication and English skills.

The Teacher's Background

Written expression is fruit from the heart.– Kyra Gartrell
Kyra Gartrell has a BBA in Finance and has worked in corporate finance for her first 8 years after college graduation.  When her daughter was born she began "Scribes and More, " a home based word processing business, where she worked for lawyers, doctors, and assisted foreign undergraduate and graduate students in writing papers and dissertations.  Once sensing "the call" to homeschool, she transferred her love for teaching and the organizational skills she had learned to beginning a co-op in Maryland where she taught for 9 years and edited the monthly Maryland home school newsletter for CHEN (Christian Home Educators Network).

She moved to Charlotte, her husband's home town, in 2001 and continued to homeschool 2 more years.  She has taught writing and English classes in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area since then.

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