Fun in WriteShop© Jr. E Class

This class teaches students to write and publish fiction, non-fiction and poetry using a variety of games, graphic organizers, self-editing tools and arts & crafts.  These hands-on classes will provide consistent instructions to unlock the budding writer and make writing an activity your students will ask for.  Students will learn to plan, create, self- evaluate and publish their writing projects in a variety of forms, such as a booklet, matted copy with borders, lap book, flip book, display board, and many other forms.  Each 2 to 3 -  week lesson will include grammar, journaling, and specific requirements for the lesson genre.  Whether you have a more advanced child or one who is just learning the writing process, this flexible program will allow your child to work at their level and succeed. Student assignments are not graded at this level; instead, encouraging comment are made to encourage creativity and foster a love for writing.   Each class is independent of each other; there is no perquisite.

WriteShop Jr. E Class Topics

  • Lesson 1: Writing Fables Grammar: Sentences
  • Lesson 2: Writing with Humor Grammar: Kinds of Sentences
  • Lesson 3: Adventure Story Grammar: Compound Sentences
  • Lesson 4: Science Fiction Grammar: Compound Words
  • Lesson 5: Mystery   Grammar: Dialogue
  • Lesson 6: Concrete Poetry Grammar: Homophones & Homographs
  • Lesson 7: Personal Narrative (intro to 5-paragraphs)      Grammar: Five Paragraphs
  • Lesson 8: Book Summary (5 pgph) Grammar: Prefixes/Suffixes
  • Lesson 9: Book Report (5 pgph) Grammar: Parts of Speech Review
  • Lesson 10: Expository Report & Presentation Grammar: Synonyms

Required Texts

WriteShop Jr. Book E (Skill Builder Worksheet and Grammar Guide Pack); Various Handouts; Grade Appropriate Dictionary and Thesaurus

Tuition Cost

$495.00 per year for first child, $445.00 if paid in full on or before the first day of class or monthly payment of $49.38.  Sibling Discount Available.

  • Monday - Homeschool Room (Matthews) - 3:25 pm -  4:15 pm
  • Friday - Virtual Class - 10:10 am - 11:00 am

Sample Syllabus

2021-2022 Registration Form 

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