Class Rules & Policies

NOTE: This may seem like a lot of rules, but we know from examples of God's Word, government laws, etc. that rules are not designed to squash student’s fun. Rather, they are designed to keep them safe, ensure respect for people and property, and teach personal discipline. Thank you so much for agreeing to follow our class rules. The writing class will be an enjoyable place to work with cooperative students.

I. Materials / Texts

Students are expected to come to every class with the necessary writing instruments, notebook paper and appropriate texts / novels. In addition, some classes may require additional supplies (such as colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, etc.).   These are specified in the specific class syllabus.

II. Assignments

  • Students are to complete and submit assignments by the assignment due date.  Assignments begun in class and completed at home or home assignments need to be submitted by students on the next class or given due date.
  • Failure to bring assignments to class on the due date will result in a missing assignment grade or “M” in Engrade. When the assignment is submitted late the following week there will be a 10 point penalty deduction.
  • Students should be prepared to hand in assignments when they come to class.  Home assignments are to be completed before coming to class and not the day they are due while in class.
  • Incomplete assignments and assignments without names will receive a 10 point deduction; therefore, please check both sides of a paper and review it before placing it in a homework folder.
  • Please place assignments in a folder before coming to class, so students can easily find them and place them on the table in the correct pile before taking their seats.
  • Understanding and mastering a task, technique, or concept is pivotal to success in writing.  Whenever a student does not fully understand a concept, their paper is returned so he or she can make corrections and return it the next class. This shows up as an “R” grade in Engrade.
  • Essays / Compositions or other assignments with e-mail due times and dates are expected to be sent in on time with the correct heading format (name, date, assignment name) on each page.  Receipt of late assignments are noted and reflected in the “Timeliness” grade on report cards.
  • Occasionally students have asked to e-mail assignments to me because of a printer malfunction at home; this is allowed occasionally, but those assignments must be sent in by 7 am on the day of the class. Assignments received after class time will be considered late.
  • Students/ parents are expected to utilize Engrade, an on-line assignment and grade management program to review assignments, deadlines (using the calendar), and manage grades.
  • Assignments not received by the second week past the due date will receive a grade of zero. No assignments will be accepted more than two weeks late.

III. Progress Report Cards:

  • Students in all classes except WriteShop Jr. will receive a quarterly report card of their progress.  WriteShop Jr. students will receive semester report / progress reports.
  • An on-line assignment and grade management program, will be available for all students except WriteShop Jr.
  •  Grades will be posted in Engrade by the next class after submitting an assignment.  Unexcused assignments not submitted on the due date receive an “M” (for missing assignment) in Engrade (which counts as a zero) until the assignments is submitted the next class.  Assignments more than two weeks late are not accepted unless there has been a parent correspondence.  Assignment returned for corrections are noted as “R” (meaning a revision is needed) in Engrade (which counts as a zero) until the assignments is submitted the next class.Parents may at any time request to excuse their student from an assignment. These are reflected as “E” inEngrade. They are recorded on the report card, but they are not tabulated in the report card grade.

IV. Tardiness/ Absences

Please make every effort to get students to class on time.  When students are late, not only is the class disrupted, but I may have to go over material already covered which is not fair to the other students.  If you must be late please let me know and I can make arrangements to explain assignments either a day or two before class or after class (at location or via e-mail).

Students with an excused absence (parents have contacted me for assignment arrangements) are excused from the penalty as long as assignments are submitted within two weeks of being absent.  Parents can make other arrangements with teacher if needed. Students have homework logs and Engrade to assist them with due dates and assignments even when they may not be in class.

V. Exemptions

Parents can exempt students from assignments with a written notice (e-mail), but please note that the assignment will still appear on the report card (with a letter “E”).

VI. Classroom Rules

  1. If you arrive late to class, let yourself in quietly and find a seat. Do not disrupt the class by knocking on the door or making a commotion.
  2. You are to stay seated unless you have permission to get up.
  3. Please raise your hand and ask permission to be excused if you have to use the restroom.  Your teacher needs to know where students are during class time.
  4. There is no talking allowed when a teacher or other student is talking, nor when it is time to write. Disruptive students will first be warned, and then moved.
  5. If you know the answer to a question, please do not shout it out. Raise your hand quietly until called upon.
  6. We want to encourage an atmosphere of respect. There is absolutely no rude behavior permitted. This includes name-calling, gossiping, yelling at others, impolite remarks to teachers or classmates, embarrassing another student with teasing, snickering, etc.
  7.  If your teacher or tutor asks you to move to another location to help you behave yourself, please do so immediately and quietly.
  8.  Keep your hands to yourself. Do not touch the belongings of other students unless asked to do so.
  9. Remember that you are a guest at the facility. Please respect the flooring, furniture, walls, and grounds by keeping within established boundaries and being careful with your supplies. I trust you to use common sense (like not putting your shoes on the furniture, drawing on the tables, running through the building, or talking loudly).
  10. When class is over, please clean up your work area, including the floor. Throw away all trash and take home all of your belongings.
  11. Cell Phone Policy: Please turn off or place it on silent.  Do Not Use Cell Phones During Class!
  12. Please wear acceptable clothing to class.  No hats, no hoodies (on head), no sunglasses, no revealing clothing and no clothing with unacceptable graphics or language.

It is my desire to see students grow in their writing, responsibility, and maturity.

Note: Your signature on the bottom of the registration form indicates that you have read and agree to all of the above registration, financial, and class policies agreement.  Please print this for your reference. Students will receive a copy of the class rules and policies as part of their class syllabus.

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